In this article we will guide you through the process of workflow creation. No worries, it is quite simple drag and drop process. One thing to keep in mind about the workflows - they are not static - you can create several workflows just for one project and then delete them if they are no longer needed.

In order to create a workflow, you need to go to the Workflows section. A list of existing workflows will appear.

  1. Press the Add button. The Workflow creation screen will appear.

Workflow Design Screen

2. Type a workflow name and description

3. Choose a content type from the Submissions list. In this case, we've added an image content type.

4. Change the parameters for the image.

NOTE: this step also checks if there is an image attached to a task.

Once done, press Save button.

5. Next add an A.I. verification to check the content. Press + to add A.I. model.

6. From the dropdown list choose the model that you want to use to check this image, and press Save.

7. Now your workflow is ready. Press the Apply button to save it.

Now you can use the workflow directly with recipes or, in the case of Asana, synchronize it with the Asana project.

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