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Bitskout Basics
What is a Bitskout plugin?
What is a Bitskout plugin?
Defining what is a Bitskout workflow and how to make one.
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Bitskout plugin does a certain actions instead of a human. There are three types of plugins in Bitskout:

  • Extract

  • Understand

  • Compare

We are also released a new type of plugin soon called Forecast.

Thus, when you want some action to be automated, you can create a plugin for it. For instance, you don't want to waste your teams time on typing information from delivery note documents to your tools, then you can create a plugin to extract data automatically:

Once you configured a plugin, you need to use it in your tools. Typically, our users use Bitskout in Zapier, or Power Automate. We also have native integrations to and Asana.

Here is are few examples:

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