In Bitskout the pricing revolves around a workflow run. You pay only for executed workflows which means for the ones you actually use. You can create as many workflows and A.I. models as you want with some limitations in Starter plan, and pay only when they are triggered and the content is checked.


To avoid unnecessary processing for small amounts we have structure our plans into monthly and yearly subscriptions where you pay a monthly fee and you have a capacity (e.g. a number of workflow executions or "runs") included.

Here are our plans:

The key difference is the number of included workflow executions.

What is a workflow

A workflow is a user configurable set of steps that are executed on a task. Workflows define what kind of things you want to validate and allow you run A.I. models on content to make further decisions.

Here is an example of workflow creation:

In above examples we have two steps:

  1. Checking for attachment - "Image". Here we check that the task has an image attachment.

  2. Validating the image with algorithms called "[ACME Delivery] Door delivery".

Workflow run

One workflow run is an execution of all workflow steps on one task. Depending on how you workflow structured, not all steps might be executed in one run.

Following the example above we have two possible outcomes considered as one workflow run:

  • If the task has no attachment, the workflow execution stops at Step 1: Image check. It is considered as one workflow run.

  • If the task validated/rejected by step 2 (AI Validation), it is also considered as workflow run.

Another example: if you imagine that you want to check text sentiment, then your workflow might have two steps - a check that a task has a PDF attachment and then an execution of A.I. model for text sentiment. Then, if task has no attachment, it will rejected by the first step (no PDF attachment) and this will count as one workflow run.


We hope this clarified a bit how our pricing works. If you have extra questions, don't hesitate to contact us via chat or email.

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