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In Bitskout the pricing revolves around a plugin run or a transaction. You pay only for executed transactions which means for the ones you actually use.

Also note the following:

  • there is no limit in number of plugins

  • there is no limit in the number of users of your tools ( users, Asana users, etc.)

  • there is a limit of number of pages per document - maximum number is 10. If you need to process more pages, please get in touch with us.


To avoid unnecessary processing for small amounts we have structure our plans into monthly and yearly subscriptions where you pay a monthly fee and you have a capacity (e.g. a number of plugin runs or transactions) included.

Here are our plans:

The key difference is the number of included plugin executions. In case you go over the limit, each new plugin run cost will calculated based on your plan:

For example, if you are on SOLO plan, and you've exceeded 100 plugin runs, then when the plugin run 101 happens, it will be charge as per formula: €59/100 = 0.59 cents.

What is a Plugin

A plugin is an action that you configured - it can be extracting data from an invoices or bill of lading or categorising a request based on it's contents.

Plugin run

The plugin runs are calculated each time the plugin is executed inside, Zapier, Asana or any other tools where you use Bitskout.

If you run a test on a plugin, it is not counted as a transaction. Same thing with template test - if you run a test with a template, it will not be counted as a transaction.


We hope this clarified a bit how our pricing works. If you have extra questions, don't hesitate to contact us via chat or email.

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