We are so excited that you decided to switch to paid plan! We hope we won't let you down!!

To switch to a paid plan:

  1. Go to Your Account -> Subscriptions:

2. From the list of plans, press Select under the one you want to use (Starter plan in our example).

3. The checkout screen will appear where you will need to choose your country and ZIP code. Once done, press Continue.

4. The plan summary screen will appear.

If you have coupon, you can add it on this step.

5. Choose to pay by card or Paypal (you can change that later).

If you pay by card, specify your credit card data:

If you pay via Paypal, follow the Paypal checkout screen:

The total is 0 Eur because we've applied a coupon in the previous step.

6. Once the checkout is complete, your account will be updated.

7. By pressing details, you can see the details of your purchase:

8. You will also get an email confirmation with a link to your receipt:

If you have troubles during checkout, don't hesitate to contact us via chat that is available on the Bitskout platform or our website:

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