If you have received a coupon, then you can apply it when you purchase a paid plan. In general, Bitskout coupons can be applied only for a plan that they have been assigned to. For instance, if you received a coupon with discount for Starter plan, you cannot use this coupon to receive a discount for a Pro plan.

Make sure to read the email with a coupon carefully - it will explain the duration, the discount value and applicability of a given coupon.

To apply a coupon:

  1. Go to Your Account -> Subscriptions:

2. Select a plan that you want to apply a coupon for (we will apply for Starter plan) and press Select:

3. The system will start a checkout process. Put your zip code and location:

4. Next step is a summary of your purchase. Press Add coupon:

5. Put your coupon code into the appropriate field and press Add Coupon:

6. If you have a correct coupon, then the price will be updated:

7. Some coupons are recurring and some are one off type of discount. Next, choose a payment method (you can change it later).

If you pay by card, specify your credit card data:

If you use Paypal, then the system will start Paypal checkout process.

7. Once the checkout is complete, your account will be updated.

8. By pressing details, you can see the details of your purchase:

9. You will also get an email confirmation with a link to your receipt:

If you have troubles during checkout, don't hesitate to contact us via chat that is available in Bitskout platform:

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