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[Monday] Bitskout Recipes Description
[Monday] Bitskout Recipes Description

In this article we will cover the types of Bitskout Recipes and their usage

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Currently, there are four Bitskout recipes that you can use in

A short video explaining each one of them


The description of each recipe is below:

A Recipe to analyze files

This recipe is triggered when a certain status is given a selected label na. The selected workflow is executed on a selected file or URL column.

Email Update Recipe

This recipe is triggered when an email update arrives. Please note that this recipe works only with integrations (Gmail, Outlook, etc), not with a direct email that is sent to a pulse.

Comparison Recipe

This is a special recipe only for comparison. It allows you to select the source and target file columns, and choose where to put the result of the comparison. You should only use Comparison based workflows with this recipe.

Text Content Recipe

This recipe analyzes text in the given column. Right now you can use for Long Text and Text columns only.

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