CV or resume parsing plugin is a template in Bitskout. To use it, navigate to Templates page.

Look for CV and press on Use Template.

Bitskout will show you the list of options to set up where you want data to appear.

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As we are using Asana, click on the Asana icon. Then press "Select Board/Project".

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The screen with project selection will appear.

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First you need to select a workspace:

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The next step is to find your project. Use Search and put the name (or partial name) of the project where you want data to appear into the Search field.

Once you will see the project name in the list, click on it and press Apply.

Next, drag and drop the fields from left hand side to the fields on right hand side. This way you are mapping where the resume data will appear.

Once done, press Next.

And in the next screen give a plugin a name and press Create.

And the last step make sure to add a rule in the project to trigger automated extraction. Bitskout works with attachments in the Task description, thus, your process should assume that purchase order is attached to the task.

There is an Asana guide to creating rules - check it for more comprehensive instruction to create rules.

Your rule should look like this:

Then depending on the trigger, the CV data will be automatically extracted.

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