How to add Asana to Bitskout

This a how-to guide on how to integrate to Asana

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In this article, we will explain how to connect to Asana. Bitskout is working on top of project management tools to allow you to stay in your flow.

  1. To connect to Asana account, you need to go to Integrations Task Management. There Choose Asana and press Connect button. The wizard will guide you through the authentication process.

  2. Once you press Connect, the connection wizard will start. First you will need to authenticate Bitskout to your Asana account.

  3. The next step is adding a Bitskout app in Asana. Press Next to close the Wizard.

  4. Go to your Asana, choose any project and press Customize to add an app.

  5. A list of apps will appear. Scroll down to find the section "Made by Developers" and press Add to project to add Bitskout app.

  6. If the app was added successfully, then you will see the checkmark.

  7. Now Bitskout is available and you can start adding rules with workflows.

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