In this article we will cover how to integrate Bitskout and

  1. To connect to account, choose "Connect Bitskout to" section in the dashboard and press Connect.

2. The configuration wizard will start. Press Add to monday to install Bitskout App to your account (this will enable Recipes):

3. The system will ask for confirmation. Press Install.

4. Bitskout App is now installed to your workspace. Next, we need to authorize the access to assets (files). Go back to the wizard and press Next.

5. The authentication is needed to read task attachments and write task updates. Press Authenticate:

6. The confirmation screen will appear. Press Authorize.

7. The system will show a confirmation window. Press Close Window.

8. The Wizard will show that this step is completed. Press Next.

9. Now everything is ready to start boards import. You can either do from the Wizard or go to Projects and import your first board.

Next steps are:

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