Importing Asana project is one of the key steps to do. Once you import a project, you will be able to attach workflows to tasks.

Video Instruction

  1. Click on Projects main menu item on the left hand side. The list of projects will appear. Press Import.

Project view in Bitskout platform

2. Choose Asana in the service list.

Selecting a Asana to import a project

3. Choose a workspace (Marketing in our example) and then select the project ([ACME Building] Delivery Checklist in our example) you want to import.

4. Then you need to setup project parameters.

5. Project budget is in Bitskout tokens which is an atomic unit in Bitskout platform. Each successful execution of a workflow results in a token transfer from project budget to a task assignee. You will need this value if you would want to build point systems or reward schemes.

6. Next step is to setup triggers when workflows are invoked and what happened if the workflow results in rejection.

7. After you press Apply, the request to create a project will be sent. It is an asynchronous request, so it might take some time.

8. If the import is successful, you will your project in the.

You may need to press Refresh button to reload the list.

You can always edit the project parameters.

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