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How to import scouts, e.g. users?
How to import scouts, e.g. users?

Importing users to Bitskout to enable rewards

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To work with Bitskout platform you need to import users or scouts that are part of your project and the ones that will execute tasks. Each successful workflow execution results in assigning a token to the user who is assigned to the task. This creates a basis for a rewards model and a way to track project budget. Importing a user technically means creating a crypto wallet for that account.

Also a Bitskout scout can be the whole organisations - the key is that one scout is connected to only one wallet in Bitskout.

Video Instruction

  1. From the left side bar click on Users. The list of imported users will appear.

2. Press Import button. The Service selection screen will appear.

3. Choose the service from which the users will be imported. The list of available users will appear.

4. Choose the user that you want to import. The account will appear in the Bitskout users table.

5. Press Apply. The success message will appear.

6. The user will appear in Users list. This user now can receive Bitskout tokens for successful task execution from the project budget.

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