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Running plugins in

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Before you run a plugin in boards, you need to create one. And if you want data to appear in board column, this plugin has to have an output configured.

The trigger to run a plugin is configured per board via recipes and it is applied to all the tasks on that board.

To create a recipe:

  1. Click on Integrate menu:

2. The Integrations Selection screen will appear:

3. Find Bitskout app by using search or via list scrolling:

4. Click on the Bitskout Recipes and you will see the list of Bitskout recipes:

5. Select the recipe you would like to add and configure it:

6. The plugin list is taken from the Bitskout platform, the rest of the items are your board items.

7. Once done with the configuration, press Add to Board. You will see your integration in the list of integrations.

NOTE: The workflow under that recipe will be executed on all the tasks on the board that fit the given criteria.

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