Extracting tables from documents is quite straightforward. The trick is that if there are multiple tables on different pages, you can only create one model per table.

  1. Go to A.I. models and press Add to create a new model.

    a new model creation screen in Bitskout

  2. After specifying the model name and adding the description, choose the Data Extraction option:

  3. Once you click on Data Extraction, you will see the list of options. Scroll down and select the "Extract tables from Document" option in the drop-down list.

  4. After selecting the Extract tables option, Bitskout will display the model's description.

  5. The next thing you need to do is to add an example file with your table.

  6. Once the file is loaded, you need to refresh the list of tables. Please note, if the table you need is not on the first page, you can scroll to the page with the desired table.

  7. Click on the table radio button to select it.

  8. Then select the checkbox with "Automatically create a workflow for this A.I. model" to create a workflow automatically.

  9. Now press Apply and your model will be created.

Now you can add an output to write the data to the required fields. The next steps are:

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