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How to extract tables from documents
How to extract tables from documents

In this article we will cover a way to get tables from the document

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Extracting tables from documents is quite straightforward. The trick is that if there are multiple tables on different pages, you can only create one model per table.

  1. Go to Plugins and press Create Plugin. As we need to extract the data, let's click on Extract.

  2. We will be extracting information from File, so let's choose From File option:

  3. Now we need to load an example file and choose Tables Option. Once the file is loaded, you can press on "Refresh list of Tables" to see which tables Bitskout can extract.

  4. Bitskout will load the tables. You can click on View to check the table, and then press Select to choose which table to extract.

    Viewing the table:

    Selecting the table:

  5. Once finished, press Next to move to the next screen to select where to write data.

  6. You can now choose where you want the table to appear by click on Select Application.

    Choosing the board:

    Drag and drop the field to the column:

  7. Press Next to go to the final step where you can specify the plugin name and the tags. Once finished, press Create to create a new plugin.

Please note that the table will be extracted as a CSV string. Thus additional post processing will be required.

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