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How to extract information from invoices
How to extract information from invoices

In this article we cover how the invoice functionality works

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Extracting information from invoices is quite straightforward. Bitskout has a Invoice template.

  1. Go to Templates and look for Invoices Template:

  2. After specifying the model name and adding the description, choose the Data Extraction option:

  3. Once you click on Data Extraction, you will see the list of options. Scroll down and select the "Extract data from invoices/expenses" option in the drop-down list.

  4. You will see the description of the model.

  5. Scroll down to see the list of Standard detected fields..

  6. Select the fields you want to extract from the invoice.

7. Check the "Automatically create the workflow for this A.I. model" option if you want to create the workflow automatically.

8. Press Apply to save your model.

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