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How to extract data from business cards to
How to extract data from business cards to
Extracting data from business cards to boards
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Business cards extraction plugin is a template in Bitskout. To use it, navigate to Templates page:

Look for Business cards and press on Use Template. Bitskout will show you the list of options to set up where you want data to appear.

If you use monday. com, click on the tool icon. Then press "Select Board/Project".

The screen with board selection will appear.

First press "Select Workspace" and choose a workspace. In our example we will choose All workspaces.

Once you've selected the workspace, the board search screen will appear. Type first letters of the board name:

Then click on board name you want to write data and click Apply.

Next, drag and drop the fields from left hand side to the fields on right hand side. This way you are mapping where the business card data will appear.

And in the next screen give a plugin a name and press Create.

Running Bitskout plugin in

To run Bitskout plugin in, you need to add recipe to the board. Bitskout has a list of recipes available depending on your use case:

Our recipe will work in the following manner - when the status column is changed to some status, we will Bitskout plugin on the select file column where the business card photo should be loaded. It should be one file per task.

There are different ways to load files to a task - you can create a form to load the files or use tools like Zapier or Make to get business card photo from an email, or WhatsApp message or from Dropbox.

Have a look at our extensive article about business cards where you can find step-by-step instruction to setup your business card workflows.

And the last step make sure to add a recipe in the selected board to trigger the plugin:

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