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There are two ways to import a board - either from a Bitskout Board View inside the app or from our platform:

Importing from Bitskout User Interface

  1. Click on Projects main menu item on the left-hand side. The list of projects will appear. Press Import.

Project view in Bitskout platform

2. Choose service.

3. Then choose the workspace (Default in our example) and click on a project.

Selecting a board to import from

4. Once you select a project/board to import, you will need to setup extra parameters.

5. First you need to set up a project budget. This value is in Bitskout tokens. Each successful workflow execution will result in a transfer of one Bitskout token from the project budget to a user.

setting up a project budget in tokens

6. Press Apply and the request for project will be sent.

7. If the import is successful, you will see the board in the projects list. You may need to press Refresh to see it.

Now the board is imported and you can use workflows via recipes.

If you use a Bitskout view inside your workspace (instruction on how to add it is here), then you can import a board from the view.

  1. Open the target board.

  2. Choose a Bitskout view.

3. If the board is not imported, Bitskout will ask you if you want to do it now.

4. Before pressing Apply, you can configure several parameters of the right-hand side - Project budget and Automatic import.

5. Change the parameters if you want, and then press Apply. Bitskout will add the project automatically.

6. Now the project is added and you can use your workflows via recipes.

Video Instruction

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