Adding a Bitskout View to a Board

How to add a Bitskout view to your board

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Bitskout now can be added as a view to any board or be used as a separate board.

In order to add Bitskout as a view do the following:

Separate Board

  1. Press + sign near your workspace name and choose New Blank Board:

2. Rename it to Bitskout (you can change that later), choose the board type, and press Create Board:

3. Once the board is created, choose the Main table > +Add View > Apps:

4. Find Bitskout app and press + Add View:

5. Bitskout screen will appear if you are already logged in:

6. Rename the view if you want. Click on the three dots and Set as board default.

7. So now you have Bitskout inside your account.

Now you can import a board and then start adding recipes.

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