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Forecasting data
Forecasting: Part 3 - Forecasting Data
Forecasting: Part 3 - Forecasting Data

In this article we will cover the actual process of forecasting data.

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Before we proceed, please check the previous articles:

Once the model is ready, we can start the forecasting.

Creating an output

To create an output we need to go to Outputs and choose Field Outputs. In the opened screen, please click Add.

Let's give a name to the output and choose the model from the model's list:

Next step is to choose what values you want to output. We have only one value option - a specific forecast value. Let's press Add and select all values.

Once we've selected all values, you will be able to see them in the section "Output Options". The next step is to choose the output - for this example, we will choose a board.

We also need to specify in which columns to write the forecasting output and choose the column type (=Number):

Press Apply to save the output.

Creating a workflow

Let's create a workflow to combine a model with an output. Workflows are required to have a combination of a model and the output. You can have a single model but many outputs (e.g. writing data to different tasks in different projects/boards).

Go to the Workflows section and press Add. Let's add a workflow name and choose text as a submission:

Then scroll down and choose the model and output (don't forget to press Save in each item):

Press Apply. Now your workflow is ready to be used.

Using forecasting in

To use forecasting in we need to add a recipe:

And then use the recipe with a task:

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