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How to extract keywords from the text?
How to extract keywords from the text?

Extracting keywords from text allows you to understand the content before reading it.

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Keywords from any text can help us understand what the text is about. With help of Bitskout, you can extract general keywords or even create your own custom keywords using examples.

You can even run both models at the same time. This can be useful in the following use cases:

  • extract information from a support ticket

  • classify & sort blog articles

  • extract data from CVs or press releases to search it later

Video demo - keywords for HARO email:

To create a keyword extraction model:

  1. Go to Plugins and press Create to create a new plugin.

  2. Select Understand type and in the new window choose Keywords.

  3. Choose the type of source - Text, Press Release, etc.

  4. The next is setting up the examples. If you set the examples, then A.I. will use them as a reference to create custom keywords. If there are no examples, then A.I. will extract general keywords.

  5. Once you finished configuring the options, press Next. You will get to Output screen. Here you can set up where you want the data to appear.

  6. Once done, press Next and on the last screen add Plugin Name and Description.

7. Once done, press Create and the plugin will be created.

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